learn how to deal with critical and embarrass comments

,3years ago coca-cola made a campaign in Ramadan season, at the beginning of the advertising coca-cola has given divination of the fast in the Islamic month of Ramadan

The story behind the campaign advertising was to cope with Islamophobia. It was a Muslim girl who

faces a contempt gaze from strangers while she is walking. And another non-Muslim girl saw and offers her a coca-cola drink and waited till the sunsets to share with. I have seen the commercial ad 3 years ago and i really loved it and rotted into my head. You can watch it here

I feel that girl, when I face judgmental comments and harsh words about how I look, I talk, or the way I think about things or topics as a pretext for giving advice. Those words digging her way into my heart

IN a lot of situations that reveal the superficial thinking from people around me, people didn’t show any humanity, kindness, empathy, or mercy. You don't have to be not Muslim to bullying others or criticize them, some people missing how to show some understanding and humanity to others. sometimes they are could be your family, friends or workmates and no one of those people

.see that they are wrong, acting like they are know everything about everything

everyone has a barrage of tolerance and it has been used up. I'm telling myself before you, that I have to face them all, telling enough judgmental comments that's killing me, stop spit

your hate words out to me, I have decided to take some actions that could stop them

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.” Frank A. Clark

make a protection

To protect me I have needed to know myself very well, my needs, my goals, and even my defects and accept it and tried to control anger and pain emotions inside me by loving myself and practice to be more confident about myself and my chooses .that is helped me to limit the impact of that critical

.comments on me

learn how to think

For those people who give right to interfere in my life. Who always thought they are right. they have judged me based on their thinking, thoughts, painful situations they experienced. ignoring the emotional, mental, and daily experiment's differences between us I have to empathy with them not letting them hurt me. They are not mentally qualified to accepted others as they are

build boundaries

I have learned to not interfere with somebody's life. The more you Share less about your life with those critical people, The less you hear painful comments. Do that when you have to keep them in your life

Say NO -

Don’t be shy to say no to anyone. Say no when you can't do what they ask for, don’t deal with them like you have to do what they want. They will get upset with you. but It's OK you save yourself form

.unappreciated people. who build a relationship based on their own benefits criteria, not on love

The pleasure of criticizing takes away from us the pleasure of being moved by some very fine things Jean de La Bruyère

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